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Aareon is the leading provider of systems and consulting services for the European real estate industry.

Opportunities of digitalisation for the real estate industry

Today digitalisation is everywhere around us. Efficient organisations have to handle relationships with customers and partners. Therefore they have to integrate data from other IT-systems. Everything should be smart and mobile. A new intelligent infrastructure is needed to satisfy the increased tenants desires and changed behaviour. And it still has to be economically profitable. Flexible and modular applications have to be connected seamlessly to a high performing and secure solution. Aareon will support you on your way to a digitised world.

Check out the short video on how rapidly the world has changed over the last 30 years:

Aareon Smart World:
Rental and property management in the digital age

The digitisation is affecting every player in the housing industry: the property managers, the tenants, the solution partners and third party IT-systems. The goal is to bring them all closely together by providing integrated and consistent data management. Information should easily be aggregated, analysed and accessed anytime and from anywhere. This leads to more flexible and efficient processes and increasing comfort. Let´s take a deeper look at the outcome of the growing connectedness and how real estate management processes are ideally supported.

The following picture story shows you how Aareon Smart World improves the efficiency of real estate processes in the digital age:

Tenant Life Cycle with Aareon Smart World

Finding new tenantsRead article

Finding new tenants

It goes without saying that potential tenants today use the Internet to look for new homes.

Mobile handoverRead article

Mobile handover

Apartment handover was a complicated affair, accompanied by a lot of paperwork. Thankfully, things are easier today.

Damage managementRead article

Smart damage management

Digital Solutions from Aareon Smart World help with automated processes or an intelligent process support.

Neighbourhood portalRead article

Neighbourhood portal

As tenants get older, many of them require more support; a healthy neighbourhood can help.

Mobile property inspectionRead article

Mobile property inspection

Property inspection was a complicated affair, accompanied by a lot of paperwork. Thankfully, things are easier today.

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