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Our objective: Corporate principles of Aareon

As the leading provider of systems and consulting services for the European real estate industry, Aareon is setting the standards for the management of complex business processes.

In everything we do, we aspire to give our customers, shareholders and employees the reassuring feeling of having made the right choice with Aareon.

Key pillars of corporate strategy

Having a clear customer focus
Aareon gears its products firmly to the needs of its customers and the requirements of the industry. We offer user-friendly products and services that help our customers optimise their processes and achieve their corporate goals. Aareon employees combine property industry know-how with IT expertise when developing products and advising customers. We systematically engage in a constructive dialogue with our customers and the industry through our Customer Councils, membership in associations and numerous Aareon customer events. In Germany, we gauge customer satisfaction by means of an anonymised client survey, the results of which have consistently been very positive.

Offering pioneering solutions
We at Aareon take current trends in IT and the property industry into account when developing our products and services, thus setting the standard for property-industry software and the provision of services to the sector. In doing so, we draw benefit from the international orientation of the Aareon Group. The systematic sharing of knowledge among our experts means we can leverage synergies and incorporate them into products and services during the research and development process. That ultimately redounds to the benefit of our customers. In addition, Aareon also cooperates with numerous partners, adding value through the combination of core competencies.
Being a dependable partner
Aareon is a dependable and reliable partner for its stakeholders – namely its customers, employees and investors. As such, we pursue a sustainable approach to governance to generate added value for all stakeholder groups.

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