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Tenant satisfaction

How can I improve customer service and enhance tenant satisfaction?

Demanding tenants, new communication channels, more competition. In this challenging environment, real estate companies want much at once: quick rent, good service while keeping costs under control.

Finding new tenants and keeping them satisfied

The relationship with the tenant begins before the contract. Modern tools provide an efficient lead management. Housing companies will quickly find the right tenants and vacant dwellings are rented quickly. During the lease period, there are numerous dialogues with the customer. Whether complaints, maintenance orders or simply a congratulation happy birthday. CRM solutions from Aareon Smart World ensure good relations.

Instant creation and publication of property details

Rental offers that you don't have to compile manually first. Offers that are up to date and online as soon as it is clear that the unit will become available! Solutions from Aareon Smart World make every landlord's dream a reality.

Affordable 24/7 availability

Tenants expect housing companies services to be available to them around the clock - just as they would expect e. g. from their banks. Beyond Call centers and Helpdesk they need to use a self-service oriented processes available 24/7/365. This can be done by using Aareon Smart World CRM multichannel solutions.

Perfectly combined

The perfect combination of ERP system, CRM portal, contractor portal, DMS and mobile access via PC, tablet or smart phone allows typical customer processes to be supported fast, simple and largely automated.

Aareon Smart World

Aareon Smart World connects real estate companies with owners, tenants, business partners and technical equipment in flats and buildings to a digital integrated ecosystem. This allows processes to be redesigned and optimized, costs to be reduced and new business models to be developed. Moreover greater convenience for customers and employees can be achieved. The key is the access to information via the (mobile) internet.

Our vision: Digital Real Estate Ecosystem


Tenant Life Cycle with Aareon Smart World

Tenant Life Cycle with Aareon Smart World

Finding new tenantsRead article

Finding new tenants

It goes without saying that potential tenants today use the Internet to look for new homes.

Mobile handoverRead article

Mobile handover

Apartment handover was a complicated affair, accompanied by a lot of paperwork. Thankfully, things are easier today.

Damage managementRead article

Smart damage management

Digital Solutions from Aareon Smart World help with automated processes or an intelligent process support.

Neighbourhood portalRead article

Neighbourhood portal

As tenants get older, many of them require more support; a healthy neighbourhood can help.

Mobile property inspectionRead article

Mobile property inspection

Property inspection was a complicated affair, accompanied by a lot of paperwork. Thankfully, things are easier today.

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