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Mobile property inspection
Mobile property inspection

Mobile property inspection

Until recently, property inspection was a complicated affair. Multiple attempts to find an acceptable date and time, accompanied by a flood of paperwork: What is the condition of the walls, how do the floor coverings look, etc.? Thankfully, things are easier today.

Digital and straightforward: From the inventory data to moving out

Mobile property inspection uses digital processing to ensure a uniform approach. The relevant data for handover, such as the moving-out date, can be accessed by the employee at all times.

Saving time

Time-consuming preparations, such as compiling checklists, are no longer necessary. The data is available to the employee locally on his or her tablet, allowing the employee and the tenant to complete the property inspection together.

Property inspection records – always secure, both online and offline

If an Internet connection is available, the property inspection records can be digitally stored in the integrated document management system mere seconds later and the data recorded can be transferred to the ERP system. There is no need for handwritten records to be included in the ERP system. This saves a great deal of time and reduces the potential for errors. In addition, employees at the office can immediately follow up on any damage that has been documented via damage reports and repair work contracts in the ERP system.

The benefits of mobile property inspection at a glance:

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Mobile property inspection

Property inspection was a complicated affair, accompanied by a lot of paperwork. Thankfully, things are easier today.

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